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Work/The Economy

Empower 4 Success  and Startuponline (also known as Startup)  work with many young, disadvantaged or vulnerable people within Milton Keynes to help them develop essential employability skills. All of a sudden, they had to deliver their service in a very different way. It was important to ensure that people who they had been engaging with were still able to continue training. 💼 💻 We extend our gratitude to both local community groups for continuing to help people to improve their employability throughout the pandemic, when these skills could be needed more than ever.


Our latest Vital Signs report states that, between March and May 2020, the number of people in Milton Keynes claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit, because they were looking for work, rose from 4,495 to 10,520 people – a 100% increase. Women with children are 1.5 times more likely than men with children to have lost their job (England).


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