Disability Support


Disability Support

There are many local charities whose focus is on providing support to people living with disabilities, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they have found creative new ways to keep in touch with their groups online! Support has ranged from helping people access food delivery services and assistance with filling out vital forms, all the way to virtual nightclubs to encourage people to have fun and socialise with one another! 🖥️ 🎵 Thank you to

for providing such support and lifting so many spirits this year.


Our latest Vital Signs report states that at the height of lockdown, with physical activity being restricted to once a day, many exercise opportunities became non-existent. Data gathered by Sport England, over an eight-week period within lockdown, found that those from lower socio-economic groups, women, older adults, people with a long-term condition, illness or disability, and people from some BAME communities were still finding it harder to be active.


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